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Enable copy/paste on the console of a VMware ESXI virtual machine

If you use virtual machines hosted on a VMware ESXI hypervisor , here is a little tip that should make your life easier.

Indeed, it is not originally possible to use copy / paste between your computer and the console of your virtual machine , but it can be rather useful (to copy a strong password for example ).
To activate this feature, there are two solutions: either activate it only within a virtual machine in its settings, or within the host ESXI, thus activating this feature for all virtual machines hosted.

Within a virtual machine

Connect to the ESXI (or the VSphere managing your hypervisor) via the web interface, then:

  • Shut down the virtual machine
  • Click on “Edit settings”
  • Go to the “VM Options” tab
  • Then in the “Advanced” section, click on “Change configuration”
  • Then add 3 lines of configuration parameters:                        false                       false                true
  • Commit changes
  • Start the virtual machine

You can now copy content from your desktop to your virtual machine console!

Within ESXI – Applied to all VMs

Connect in SSH to the hypervisor (using Putty for example), as root

  • In the /etc/vmware folder, make a backup of the config file
    • cp config config_old
  • Edit the config file
    • vi config
  • Add the following lines:
vmx.fullpath = « /bin/vmx »"FALSE""FALSE"

Save the file: Esc then:wq!

When restarting each of your virtual machines, the copy paste will finally be available on these machines hosted on your ESXI!

Note that there may be a delay before this modification is taken into account (sometimes 24 hours)

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